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Learn how to use Lightroom Classic to get organised, edit your images to perfection, and get more done in less time - whether you are a hobbyist, small photography business owner or total beginner. 


You're here for a reason. 

Perhaps it's because...

... You're fed up creating images that feel like they are missing something. You've spent hours learning and practising photography to help you get better pictures of your children and family, but you feel that your images are still missing that WOW factor that you see in other images you admire, and you don’t know what to do to get it!

...Your editing routine is pretty much nonexistent -you're randomly pulling on sliders without really knowing what you are doing or why you are doing it, and just hoping for the best.  As a result your images look nothing like the pictures you want to create. 

...You don't have enough time to fit it all in. You know that editing will improve your images, and that you need a workflow in place, but there are not enough hours in the day to do it all in, and you constantly feel behind and in a mess. 


..You are frustrated wasting precious time at the computer. Between trying to find your images, organise them, back them up, edit them and share them, you are spending too much time at  your desk, and are hoping that there is an easier and better way. 

...You're dangerously close to losing your motivation. You feel that editing is yet ANOTHER thing you need to learn about photography, and are worried that you will never get the images you dream of - at least not any day soon because there is so much to learn! Meanwhile, you're missing out on capturing your children's lives the way you want to and wish you could get the pictures you want, NOW.

This is why I'd love for you to join me for Launch Into Lightroom. I'll help you fast track your learning, achieve the images you've been dreaming of, and save you years of frustration through trial and error. 

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How Launch Into Lightroom can help you..

 Whether you are a hobby photographer taking images of your own family, or you have your own small photography business, Launch Into Lightroom will help you: 


√  Get a beautifully organised image collection

√  Create images that are compelling and professional

√  Create your own unique workflow

 √  Define your editing vision

√  Save time managing and editing your photos


√  Know which editing steps to take, and in which order to do them

√  Get more done in less time

√  Understand how to craft your images for best results

√  Charge more for your images and skills

√  Feel more confident and proud to share your images with the world

And you'll do all of this in just a few short weeks. 


Never feel lost or overwhelmed with managing or editing your images ever again. 


That's my pinky promise to you when you take this course.

I've made sure that you have access to absolutely everything you need to be able to use Lightroom Classic to it's full potential immediately, so that you know exactly what steps you should be taking when you edit your images, and how to manage your image collection with ease. Every single action has been detailed, so you can fast track your learning, and start getting the images you want, today. 

Here's what you'll get inside the program: 

>> 8 Killer Video Training Modules, each packed with short, actionable video lessons, along with homework for you to quickly put what you are learning into action.  

>> Cheat sheets and worksheets that make setting up your workflow a breeze, and take as much of the guesswork away from editing your photos as possible. 

>> Tutorials and resources that are easy to follow and understand. I don't just show you how a tool works, I tell you what to look for in your photos you know what images you should use it on.

>> Step by step lessons, each one building on the last, so you are layering on the knowledge in a way that makes the whole process incredibly easy to understand and follow. 

>> Downloadable Course Note's PDF with all the steps laid out for you, so you don't ever have to worry about taking notes! 

>> My Personal Keyword Set Swipe File and "formula" so you no longer have to guess what keywords you should be using, and you'll be able to find any image again at the drop of a hat. 

>> Instant access to every single module and lesson so you can get started on your Lightroom journey today. 

>> Lifetime access to the course materials, so you can learn at whatever speed your situation allows. 



Wanna take a 5 minute tour of Launch Into Lightroom? 



In this module we'll start right at the beginning by making sure that you have a solid foundation to work from. 

You'll set up a simple system for filing your images that works for YOU and what you shoot, whether you are a hobbyist documenting your family, or a small one-person photography business.  By the end of this module you'll always know exactly where everything is, and can find your images again easily. What's more you'll develop a plan for going forward that also includes other important aspects of your workflow, such as backing everything up, so you are never in danger of losing all your hard work and precious memories. 

By the end of Module 1, you'll have a rock solid foundation and a clear action plan for getting started with Lightroom. 

You'll also get these done-for-you resources or downloads: 

  • Filing System Worksheet
  • Back Up System Worksheet
  • Foundation Set-Up Quick Guides


Once we have your foundation set up, we'll move onto getting your images into Lightroom. 

We'll cover how to import new images going forward and also how to get your existing images into Lightroom, so that all your image files follow the same structure, and are beautifully organised.  You'll also learn how to manage your images within Lightroom so you can avoid getting the dreaded question mark over your images!

Making sure you do this right from this day forward will save you a TON of time down the road.

You'll also get these done-for-you resources or downloads: 

  • Importing Checklist
  • Import and Manage Quick Guides
  • My Go To Import Preset

MODULE Three - evaluate and rate 

In this module, you'll learn the tips and tricks for viewing your images within Lightroom so that you can really appreciate each image and evaluate it correctly. We'll also cover the tools Lightroom has for rating and segmenting your images - so that you can easily find your best images, or images that fulfil a certain requirement. Finally, you'll learn how to get rid of any unwanted images from Lightroom and your hard drive so you are not cluttering up space with dead wood.

You'll also get these done-for-you resources or downloads: 

  • Lightroom Shortcuts PDF for Viewing Your Images
  • Lightroom Shortcuts PDF for Rating Your Images
  • Rating Systems Worksheets
  • Evaluate and Rate Quick Guides

MODULE FOUR - KEYWORDs & collections

Keywording your images is so incredibly useful, so you should start to do this as soon as possible! You'll learn how to add keywords to your images, so that you can easily find any image again at the drop off a hat.  (So if you want to find that one image you took a couple of years ago that would be PERFECT for your living room wall, with keywords, you can!) 

You'll also learn my own method for creating keywords (along with my own swipe file to download) especially for child, family, lifestyle and documentary images.  These resources will help make sure you always have the right keywords, so you don't end up with random words that don't actually mean anything. 

Next, we'll understand what collections are, how they work and suggestions for the different ways you might want to use these, and you'll learn how create your OWN collections so you can group together images for easy and quick access. 

By the end of this module you will have a keyword system in place, and have created your own collections and collection sets. 

You'll also get these done-for-you resources or downloads: 

  • My Keyword Set Swipe File 
  • Collections Worksheet
  • Keywording & Collections Quick Guides


Editing your images is not optional in modern photography.  But it's not enough just to slap on a preset, you must be able to understand WHAT your image needs. 

In this module, you'll learn how to adjust white balance, exposure and overall contrast to make your image look fantastic with little effort. You'll also learn how to make basic enhancements to give some subtle pop and shine, and the steps to get rid of any grain over your images and make them sharp and clear, plus a few other things that you need to consider for each and every image you take. 

By the end of this module, no matter what your current skill level, you'll know exactly how to make sure your images look great, and have a simple but effective edit applied. 

You'll also get these done-for-you resources or downloads: 

  • 19-Step Clean Edit Checklist
  • Clean Edit Quick Guides PDF 

MODULE sIX - get creative 

Once you have carried out your clean edit, you are ready to move onto more advanced creative editing.

This is where the fun really starts! 

In this module you will learn how to convert images to stunning black and whites (and even WHEN you should consider black and white for an image) add soft colour washes, or a soft, matte finish to your images, or manipulate individual colours in your images and so much more.

What's more you'll stop “guessing” at what works and be able to make smarter decisions about what edits you apply. 

You'll also get these done-for-you resources: 

  • Split Toning Guide (for Colour Images) 
  • Split Toning Guide (for B&W Images) 
  • Creative Edit 13 Point Questionaire

MODULE SEVEN - make local adjustments

Learning how to enhance your images with local adjustments is a must, but many people do it wrong - if they even do it at all! In this module you'll discover how to pull your viewers eye around the frame and bring focus where it should be - your subject.

We'll also cover portrait enhancements for smooth skin, vivid eyes, white teeth, and even how to add highlights to the hair so that your subject looks like the best version of themselves - but without looking like plastic dolls or aliens!

There's so much more we will learn here, such as how to add simple vignettes, color toned vignettes, directional sunlight, blur backgrounds and more.  You'll also know how to clean up unwanted distractions from the frame for a sleek, professional finish. 

By the end of this module you will know the tips and tricks to give your images more depth and interest, plus you will understand the importance of the ORDER of the edits you do, so you never have overdone images. 

You'll also get these done-for-you resources or downloads: 

  • 12 Point Local Adjustment Questionaire
  • Editing Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet
  • Local Adjustment Quick Guides PDF 

MODULE EIGHT - exporting your images 

Once you have created your masterpieces, it's time to share them with the world!

In this module, you'll learn how to soft proof your images so they good online and in print, create high quality JPEG's, add watermarks (after learning how to create your own!), and make sure your online images look sharp and with good colour. 

You'll also learn how to upload images directly to many online sites without leaving Lightroom, such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and SmugMug saving you heaps of time.

You'll also get these done-for-you resources or downloads:  

  • Lightroom Export Settings Cheat Sheets
  • My Export Presets 
  • End to End Workflow Checklist 
  • Best Places for free fonts for creating your own watermarks
  • Links to Useful Plug Ins 

You'll also have support every step of the way. 

To make sure that you never feel lost or alone, as a bonus, you'll also get access to the Live Snap Love Insiders Club, our private Facebook Group exclusively for Live Snap Love students.

This is where our monthly live video Q&A sessions take place, where I come into the group to answer any questions you have, so you will never be stuck or feel unsupported. If you can't make it live, you'll be able to watch a recording (and you can get started with the ones that are there already the moment you join!) 

The group is also a great place to meet others on the same journey as you, where you can share ideas, feedback and resources. 

This bonus is valued at $297 per year, but yours for free when you take the course! 


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Get started right now by choosing the plan that works best for you: 


Need help or have a question?

I'm always happy to answer any question you may have, or talk through whether the course is right for you, so that you can make an informed decision, so get in touch! 


You're Protected With Our 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee 

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I've done everything in my power to make this the simplest, most easy to follow program available to help you take control of your image collection in Lightroom, and learn the editing steps that will have a big impact on your photos. 

And I know it works! Because I have seen success time and time again from my students.  However, if you are on the fence, or you've had your fingers burnt by other courses and feel skeptical, then I want to give you every possible chance to buy with complete confidence.

When you purchase Launch Into LIghtroom, you get a FULL 30 DAYS to take it for a test drive. If at any point during those 30 days, you don't think this is the course for you, then all you need to do is email me for a full, no quibble refund. 

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Learn At Your Own Pace.

With Launch Into LIghtroom you get lifetime access to all the course materials so you can go as slow - or as fast - as you like.  So if you are busy looking after children and your family, working full time, having a baby , travelling, getting married or one of your kids just happens to fall sick at the wrong time, you never have to worry about falling behind and losing out.  

It also means you can revisit and review the training materials at any time, so you can always go back and watch any of the videos at a later date if you need to!

How long will it take? 

Of course, you may also want an idea of just how much time it takes! If you can devote around 2 -3 hours each week to watch the course videos and implement the assignments, then you should be finished the course in around six weeks.  

Hear what other's had to say about Launch Into Lightroom....

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THIS is what sets Launch Into Lightroom apart from any other program. 


Whether you like to watch something a few times before it sinks in, or you just know for a fact that you will only be able to take the course at certain times, you'll be happy to know that you have lifetime access. That means that for as long as this program is in existence, you can get access to the online learning portal and retake the course as often as you need to. 


Other Lightroom courses either try to cover all bases, or are geared toward large wedding photographers or big studio businesses, so you get a lot of information that you don't actually need, or worse, will lead you down the wrong path. Launch Into Lightroom is tailored toward hobbyists or "one-man" family photography business owners, so you know you are getting the knowledge you need for the type of images you take.


Unfortunately many courses don't go through an entire system for using Lightroom, so you always feel like you are missing something.  With Launch Into Lightroom, you get step by step instruction for an entire workflow, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. 


In Launch Into Lightroom, I don't just tell you how all the different tools work, I also teach you how to appraise your image so you can decide what it might be benefit from, and what it needs to take it to the next level.  Included in the course are details on when and why you might do a particular edit, along with questionnaires and checklists. It's as close as you will get to having someone over your shoulder whilst you edit! 


I know how hard it is to get a feel for online courses, which is why I have a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee. If you purchase the course, then decide within 30 days that this is not for you, you can get every dollar you spent back. 


I aim high when it comes to customer satisfaction, and for me that means you are always treated well, and with honesty and respect. That's why you will never see the price of the course discounted for Black Friday, or for half price in group buy bundles (both so unfair!). You'll also get access to any new bonuses or updates that are created throughout the lifetime of the course. 


+ Which version of Lightroom does the course cover?

This course is suitable for users of Lightroom Classic CC that you get within the Creative Cloud Photography Plan froma Adobe, plus the standalone versions: Lightroom 4, 5 and 6 users. It doesn't cover Lightroom CC, the cloud based app as this is intended for mobile photographers.

+ What happens after I sign up?

Click the Enroll Now button and enter your name, email and password. Once you have done that, click Sign Up to create your account! You'll then be taken to the payment page when you can purchase the course with a credit card or via PayPal (please note that payment plans are credit card only) You'll then receive an email with all of the details, and your login info for future reference. You'll also get lifetime access to the course, along with any new additions or bonuses that are added in the future!

+ How and where do I access the course?

You can access the course from anywhere with an internet connection, so you can work from home, in a cafe, or on holiday! All you need to do is log in using the username and password you create at checkout, and your entire course is there, waiting for you. So you don't need to download videos or send them to yourself, just log in and you can pick up where you left off.

+ What format is the course delivered in?

The course includes videos, written homework, worksheets, cheatsheets and checklists, so you have everything you need when you want it!

+ I don't take pictures of children or families, will this course still be good for me?

This course has been created to help you enhance your child and family photos, either posed, or in documentary / lifestyle situations. I use plenty of different types of image examples (for example, outdoor lifestyle, simple studio shots, indoor documentary images etc) but they are all from that genre of photography. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend the course to you if you are primarily a landscape photographer for example.

+ When does the course start and finish?

The moment you sign up! When you enroll, you'll get instant access to the entire course so you can go at your own pace. You also have lifetime access to the materials so you can go at your own pace and not worry that your tutorials or lessons are going to expire.

+ Can't I just find the same information for free?

I think there must be more free information available than ever before, but all that is doing is leaving us overwhelmed and frustrated. Also, if you are not aware of what you need to know and what you don't, all the free information in the world won't do you the blindest bit of good. This course will walk you, step by step, through the process of using Lightroom, and editing your images from the ground up. It has also been specifically designed to be actionable, so you don't just get a vague concept, you know exactly what to do with the information given.

+ I already have Lightroom, and I'm in mess. In this course right for me?

This course will teach you how to go back to the beginning and create your filing structure so that you have a solid foundation for moving forwards. The less images you have already in your Lightroom catalog the easier it will be! You can either move your images into the new structure and re-link them, or you can create a brand new catalog and simply use that going forward. But, yes, this course will help you move forward with a clear system.

+ Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

YesI I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just write to me letting me know why the course did not live up to your expectations, and I'll refund you in full.

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About Audrey Ann, Creator of Launch Into Lightroom

Hi there! I'm Audrey Ann, the founder of the Live Snap Love blog, where I teach creative mamas how to improve their photography skills and beautifully capture their days. I believe that learning how to create amazing photos of your family should be simple and fun, so that you can get the images you dream of with less overwhelm!  With Live Snap Love, I always aim to offer more than "just another course" and instead, make sure you feel supported every step of the way. 

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You've got two choices...

You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own through trial and error, spending months creeping toward your goal and having images that don't quite hit the mark...


...You could follow a step by step program that will teach you how to get organised, edit your images to wall worthy professional status, and streamline that long-winded workflow - and see results in matter of days.

What will you choose?

Get started right now by choosing the plan that works best for you: 


Need help or have a question?

I'm always happy to answer any question you may have, or talk through whether the course is right for you, so that you can make an informed decision, so get in touch!