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√  Could look at your photo and know with complete confidence which editing choices would transform your photos from good to GREAT, and could stop simply guessing at what works.

√  Knew the exact editing steps you needed to take, and which of the various tools to use, so you could give your photos that special X factor that the pros have with ease.

√  Knew all the tricks and techniques you can use to get richer and more vibrant images, lead your viewers eye around the frame, or add in a little extra creative flair to take your images up to the next level.

√  Had a beautifully organised image collection, so you could find any photo again at the mere touch of a button, and felt totally in control and on top of your image collection.

√  Could get more done in less time, with an efficient workflow in place so you never had to wonder what you should be doing next, and could get your photos uploaded, beautifully edited, and shared with the world in half the time.

√  Could have Lightroom figured out and with a workflow in place, in way less time than it takes to binge-watch your fave TV show.