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Alas, the doors are currently closed to Launch into Lightroom. 

Doors will open again early 2019. Whilst you wait for that momentous occasion, why not download the Lightroom Starter Kit? You'll get a guide to importing, an editing checklist, an exporting cheat sheet and more!


    Launch into Lightroom is a step by step framework that will help you get organised, edit your images to perfection, and get more done in less time - whether you are a hobbyist, small photography business owner or total beginner. 


    This program has absolutely everything you need to be able to use Lightroom Classic to it's full potential immediately, so that you know exactly what steps you should be taking when you edit your images, and how to manage your image collection with ease. Every single action has been detailed, so you can fast track your learning, and start getting the images you want, today. 


    Enrollment is currently closed.

    Doors will open again early 2019.  To be the first to know, get access to sneak peek videos, lessons and more, download your Lightroom Starter Kit and get on the waitlist below!